Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Nancy’s Story

Nancy has gone from the Louisiana bayou to the Canadian backcountry. It's an interesting story, as you can imagine.

I met Nancy at the Hamilton SPCA, but that was not the start of her story.

Nancy was born somewhere in New Orleans, Louisiana, sometime before or after Hurricane Katrina. She picked up and sent to a shelter North West of the city, only to be rescued again by The Boudreaux Animal Rescue Krew (BARK). To make matters worse, she was pregnant and way too skinny. After having her puppies she was a very tiny 13 lbs – less than half her current healthy weight.

Nancy wasn’t done travelling yet though. As you can imagine, there wasn’t a lot of demand for abandoned dogs in the area after such a bad hurricane, so they started transporting their dogs up to Canada where there were a lot of happy homes waiting for furry friends. As it turns out, mine was one of them.

In a stable home with lots of food and affection, soon Nancy bulked up and started to show her energy and athletic ability. After one too many jumps over the backyard fences, it was clear she needed and loved a lot more exercise, so I started bringing her on more and more canoe trips.

After so many positive experiences meeting people – not to mention her natural modelling talent – it was clear she was going to be the best ambassador to help convince people to get out into the wilderness and appreciate our natural world, especially by canoe.

And so that’s how she became Nancy the Canoe Dog. The best partner I could ever ask for.

Nancy the dog wearing a necklace
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