Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

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Whether you’re looking for ideas on where to go on your next portage or you just want to read about our latest adventures, below you’ll find some of our trips out into the wilderness. Each has a detailed account of our trip with (hopefully) entertaining stories, information on how you can recreate the trip with activities you can try and others you should avoid, but also maps of where we were and downloadable GPS information.

Check back often because we’re always going on some kind of trip over the summer, but we do most of our writing over the Frozen Offseason.


Riding the Parkbus

Last Traveled July 2012 Trip Summary: Last year I got the chance to use a great new service that allows […]

North Tea To Manitou

The Plan “I want to go on a portage trip.”  Kristen has this very matter-of-factly way of stating what she […]

The Pig – Killarney’s Most Infamous Portage

How often in your life do you get to cross a notoriously difficult portage while having a great conversation about […]

The Golden Staircase

*During lower water conditions, the second 320m portage will have to be used. It Goes Up I was half way […]

Carmichael’s Rock Overnight

Facebook Photos The Plan As most of the regular readers know, I recently traveled to the west side of Killarney […]

Killarney East Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. When my friends […]

Murray Grace Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan Eager to visit the beautiful west side of Killarney, and after doing research on the Group […]

Rock Galeairy Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan   Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. My father retired from the Hamilton Police force, […]

Rain McCraney Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan Taking beginners into the wilderness has its own set of challenges. Do they know what they’re […]

  • We decided to spend an additional day on David so we could fully enjoy Silver Peak. A short paddle there and back, and a good 5-6 hours hiking and enjoying the sites. We camped on David two nights, which was a first. What a great feeling, waking up and not having to think about packing up right away.

    It really changed the typical paddle/portage trip experience. Gorgeous area and route.

    We did take the other way, though, coming in East and looping back around West. The views were magnificent, and you could see Silver Peak for pretty much an entire day. We liked that the first two portages were extremely inclined and difficult, but the remainder on the west side of the loop were mostly on a decline. It allowed us to make the more difficult portages earlier on when our strength was high.

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