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Dog looks out from behind a canoe in front of a blue lake
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Remote Work In Italy, Day 35: Special Guest

Today was day 2 in Florence, but day one for my surprise guest – my sister Amber. She got thinking […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 34: Back In Florence Feels Like Home!

Incredible, emotional day. I made it back to Florence! I’m so excited and happy to be here. This was the […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 33: Pizza and Galleria Umberto I In Naples

My last day in Napes was great. I took a pizza class, right where it all started. Boy was that […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 32: Hate Small Spaces; Love Coffee

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. I had an amazing coffee tour experience, got to check off […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 31: Touring Pompei and Up The Hills

Another great day here in Naples. Well, most of it was in Pompei. Took a tour with Raffaele from Naples […]

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