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10 Best Things About Avignon, France

Come with me to Avignon, France as I talk about my absolute favourite things about visiting this historic, gorgeous town! […]

Train Through The Alps – 5 Days in Milan – Day 1

It was an adventure getting here, but I made it to Milan where I’ll be hanging out for the next […]

Sur Le Pont D’Avignon – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 28

More fun stuff on my last day in Avignon. Sing it with me: Sur le pont d’Avignon, L’on y danse, […]

Day Trip To Nîmes – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 27

Nîmes has been called the French Rome because of it’s history and abundance of well preserved Roman ruins. But that’s […]

My Favourite Things – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 26

With my stay here in Avignon almost at an end, let’s chat about some of my favourite things about this […]

The 10 Minute Tour of Avignon – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 25

Today let’s take a tour of the city. I’ll take you all through the old city from the train station, […]

Basilica or Cathedral, What’s the difference? – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 24

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a catholic basilica and a cathedral? Or a cathedral and a church, […]

Visiting Churches – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 23

Today I pushed past my awkward feelings and pushed open the not-so-welcoming-looking doors of Avignon churches. Of course, it turns […]

Shopping In Avignon – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 22

Did you know that France is more than pastries? Apparently I’m trying really hard to disprove that, having found like, […]

Fancy French Cuisine – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 21

(More drone footage!) Sundays are pretty quiet in Avignon. Shops are mostly closed, though the restaurants will open up for […]

Hiking Pont Du Gard – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 20

Stay tuned to the end for some drone footage of the Pont Du Gard. After the train strike canceled my […]

Side Trip To Villeneuve – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 19

Today I walked all the way to Villeneuve, on the other side of the Rhone river, mainly to visit the […]

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