Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Preston wearing a towel on his head in a hotel room


VIDEO – Nancy Highlights

Happy Spring, everyone! To celebrate, here is a Nancy highlight video I created for Canoecopia’s virtual event last weekend. You […]

Taversing.ca – Thumbs Down to COVID

Evan Holt from traversing.ca asked Kevin Callan, Marian Godfrey-Sonntag and I to help spread the word on staying indoors to […]


Here’s a fun video we made to introduce this year’s new fun plan for the Paddle In The Park Contest. […]

LIVE – Tom Thomson Cairn 100th Anniversary

Nancy and I visit the famous cairn in Algonquin Provincial Park, put up to memorialize Tom Thomson, on the 100th […]

LIVE – Nancy on Joe Lake

Nancy takes a nap on Joe Lake on the 100th anniversary of the death of Tom Thomson

Nancy at the Outdoor Adventure Show

I’ll be honest, when I said Nancy’s demo today would be cuter than yesterday, I was just trying to be […]

Portageur Gift Buying Guide

tl;dr version: Gift Cards, Toilet Paper. (And repeating Tina Fey’s name enough in the hopes she’ll read it.) Giving gifts to […]

Worst Campsite I’ve Stayed On, Ever … So Far

NOTE: I normally don’t like to dwell on the negative. We had a great time on this past long weekend, […]

Kevin Callan’s Wilderness Quest

Does Wilderness still exist? Kevin Callan wants to find out for his new DVD Wilderness Quest – and of course […]

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