Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Preston wearing a towel on his head in a hotel room


Remote Work In Italy, Day 23: Visit To Cefalu

Today was a day trip to Cefalu (which I keep mispronouncing of course). What a town. What a day! I […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 22: Getting Used to Palermo

It’s now been 3 weeks since I’ve landed in Palermo. There’s so much I’ve seen, but still so much to […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 21: My Favourite Church Domes

Are you guys getting tired of churches? I’m not. And I have like 150 more to check out (in Palermo […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 20: Palermo Street Food Walking Tour!

Today I did probably the smartest thing to do when you go to a new city, and should have done […]

Remote Work In Italy – The Cats Are Back

Yesterday some workers were on the roof, and I thought for sure the cats that were keeping me company were […]

How To Use A Moka Pot – Remote Work In Italy, Day 18: Rainy Day Espresso!

One of the reasons I kept myself busy, out and about, is that I knew there would be a rain […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 18: Unfocused Walk Home

Today was a get-back-to-work sort of day, with a trip to the market and some night photos I’m calling “Still […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 17: The Wonders of Wandering

A few people reached out about climbing mountains and my heart attack. Thanks, but I’m doing great, and well monitored, […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 16: In Awe of Cattedrale di Monreale

Today was a great day, to say the least. I got up to Montreal… sorry, Monreale. Great town on top […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 15: I’m Doing Things Wrong

Today I realized I might be doing some things the wrong way. If I want an immersive experience, I shouldn’t […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 14: Cooking Class!

You guys! Remember the other day I mentioned eating a green boob? Yeah, well, that’s kind of what they call […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 13: How Not To Use An Italian Washing Machine

Today was an adventure. Good news is that I managed to wash my clothes, finally. Bad news is that it […]

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