Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Preston wearing a towel on his head in a hotel room


How To Impress Others With Your French– 28 Days in Avignon – Day 17

So people keep complimenting my French, which I take as an especially great compliment when it comes from a local. […]

A New Neighbourhood – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 16

Do you have any questions related to remote work, travel or any of these adventures? Send them along and I’ll […]

A Tale of Two Apartments – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 15

Today was moving day, though it wasn’t that far. From one end of the Papal Palace to the other, I […]

Day Trip to Orange – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 14

Connecting with a bit of family history, discovering a small, ancient town of Orange in France, which is where the […]

Day Trip to Lyon – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 13

Today I took a trip to Lyon, France. Loved the town. Started off using all the public transit I could, […]

Museums Pastry and Snails – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 12

Culture comes in many forms, from art to food to even pastries. I indulged in all of it today, and […]

Much Ado; Feeling Better – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 11

I feel a lot better now to have figured out my internet issues, allowing me to concentrate on visiting all […]

Notre Dame Des Wifi – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 10

Today I managed to get out and see the big fancy church up the hill, Notre Dame des Doms, then […]

French Cooking Class – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 9

I was so hyped about today, so you can imagine how much I enjoyed taking an actual French Cooking class, […]

Walking The City Walls – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 8

With everything seemingly closed today, my planned day of market shopping turned my day into doing my favourite thing: wandering. […]

Finding Co-working Spaces – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 7

Need a rest from my daily videos? Yeah, I can understand that. I took a rest today too, sort of. […]

Day Trip to Arles – 28 Days in Avignon – Day 6

A truly magical day in Arles, France, located just about on the southern coast of France. It’s a beautiful place, […]

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