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Consider The Time Of Year

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by Preston
November 12, 2009

The Best Time

There is a lake on the east side of Algonquin Park named “Vanishing Pond”. Its name comes from the fact that it has been known to dry up later in the season, making it too shallow to paddle. It apparently disappeared completely in 1973. If you’re intent on going through this area, it might be best to do so in late spring/early summer.

Every season has its own merits and challenges. Some are warmer whereas some are very cold and will change what you need to pack. Water levels differ between them, making some routes better than others. Each has its own level of popularity where finding campsites, making reservations and waiting for portages to clear can be more or less of an issue. And of course, the weather is unique to each season.

So let’s take a look at the different times of year and how they can affect your trip, and discuss the pros and cons of the following three time periods. Generally, there are

Spring – April to Mid June

Summer – Late June to August

Fall – September to October

Of course that does leave out some parts of the year. November and March can often be canoed, but only for the truly hardy. More often than not you’ll face some snow and freezing, no matter what the weather man says, so be prepared. December to February are probably the harshest months to canoe. It can get pretty cold and it’s really tough to paddle, but on the other hand you will have the park to yourself.

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