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Opinion on the Swift Keewaydin

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by Preston
February 26, 2017

Paul Asks...

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Hello.. I just wanted to get your opinion on the Swift Keewaydin 16 or 17 as a tripping canoe for my wife and I? We do trips mostly in the French River, Temagami, and Killarney.. together we weigh about 300 lbs.. I don’t know if you’ve paddled that boat but thats kind of what we’re leaning towards.. thanks, Paul

I think if you’re leaning towards the Keewaydin, you’ll be happy with it. I like them. I prefer them to the comparable Prospector because of the performance and feel of the Keewaydin, but if you’re looking to pack the kitchen sink, so to speak, the prospector might be better (or lean towards getting the 17′). If you’re unsure, Swift offers demos at their stores or you could rent one to test out first. But if you’re asking because you found one that you’re thinking of buying, I’m certain you’ll like it.

Hope that helps!

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cameo of a man's head

That helps a lot… thank-you!

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