Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Temagami Thunderboxes

Back in 2015, along with the Friends of Temagami, we came up with a unique fund-raising idea to honour the memory of my friend (and former father-in-law), Dr. Stephen Buttrum. His family and friends “purchased” a privy, to be built by a local school as a class project, and installed by volunteers onto campsites in the backcountry of Temagami for the … um… pleasure of campers for years to come. This idea came from Steve’s particular sense of humour, and everyone agreed it was a great tribute for someone who loved to canoe and portage into the wilds of Ontario. Each privy – or “thunderbox” – had a plaque with quotes selected by his family.

I’ll have more information as soon as they let me know where they’ve all been installed, but if you’re “going” in Temagami and come across a privy with a plaque, you can thank Steve. 🙂



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