Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Gear To Bring Portaging: The Canoe

by Preston
February 22, 2010

After reserving your campsite, getting your canoe will be your next most important task.

What To Look For:

If you have one, well, your done. Consider though, the right type of canoe for portaging.

Why You Need It:

Without a canoe, you’ll exhaust yourself swimming.

How You Can Live Without It:

Consider going backpacking.

On The Cheap:

If you can, borrow a canoe – as long as it’s the right kind.  Renting is usually your best next best option. For about $30-$50 per day, you can have the right canoe for tripping for two people. Generally, you pay more the lighter canoe, so if money’s an obstacle, consider trading effort for money. You could try and buy one cheap at a used, defect or seasonal sale. It seems like a good investment that will pay for itself after so many uses, but unless you know it will fit your needs, and will not end up next to the next to the dusty Bowflex, stick to renting. This will give you a chance to try out different types of canoes, and if you do wind up going on enough trips to justify buying your own, you’ll know the specific things that you’d like for your own canoe.

What Will Make Them All Jealous:

There are almost as many canoes and options for them as there are for cars. You get yourself a super light weight carbon fiber canoe with treated aluminum trim, a personally fitted yoke and fancy seats and a custom paint job, people will notice. Of course, even more impressive is a beautifully custom made cedar strip canoe, but the tradition cred and attention you’ll receive comes at the cost of a little more weight. Personally though, I’m more impressed seeing someone in an obviously well traveled canoe.

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