Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head


On Barrel Packs

Barrel packs are a relatively new phenomenon, compared to canoe packs, wanigans and such, but they’ve become an extremely popular choice among […]

What Happens To Butane Canisters

A few days ago, I got into some conversations about those butane canisters for camp stoves, and wrote a post […]

5 Reasons Not To Use Butane Canisters

I really don’t like sounding like a grumpy old man, but every now and then a subject comes up where […]

Gear To Bring Portaging: Sleeping Bag

What To Look For: Anything you bring portaging should be as light as possible, compactable, durable and resist water, and the […]

Gear To Bring Portaging: Compression Sacks

I love these things. Compression sacks are handy bags that you stuff full of compressible materials (clothes, sleeping bags etc.) […]

Gear To Bring Portaging: Packs

What To Look For: Anything that carries your gear comfortably will get you by portaging, but there are advantages to […]

Gear To Bring Portaging: Canoe Safety Kit

What To Look For: Most Provinces and States require that every boat – including canoes – to have a boat […]

Gear To Bring Portaging: PFD

What To Look For: You need to find a PFD that fits properly. It should be snug, and not be […]

Gear To Bring Portaging: Paddles

What To Look For: Having a paddle is just as important as having a canoe, and there are almost as […]

Gear To Bring Portaging: The Canoe

After reserving your campsite, getting your canoe will be your next most important task. What To Look For: If you […]

What is the Right Type of Canoe?

A friend of mine was once offered a free canoe. Why is it that such a theoretically positive word always […]

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