Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

How To Use A Moka Pot – Remote Work In Italy, Day 18: Rainy Day Espresso!

by Preston
February 1, 2022

One of the reasons I kept myself busy, out and about, is that I knew there would be a rain day soon enough. I managed to get some coffee and bread before I got poured on, with only a few photos taken. Instead, a good indoor activity was to put together a how-to video on Moka Pots. A skill that will definitely serve you if you visit. It’s a long video, so I won’t take it personally if you don’t watch. I did cut out all the good jokes to keep it under an hour and a half. Sorry.

UPDATE: Once I left Palermo and moved to Florence, I had to buy myself a new moka pot, which I brought with me home. I’ve been using it for my daily coffee ever since.

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