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Remote Work In Italy, Day 35: Special Guest

Today was day 2 in Florence, but day one for my surprise guest – my sister Amber. She got thinking […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 34: Back In Florence Feels Like Home!

Incredible, emotional day. I made it back to Florence! I’m so excited and happy to be here. This was the […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 33: Pizza and Galleria Umberto I In Naples

My last day in Napes was great. I took a pizza class, right where it all started. Boy was that […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 32: Hate Small Spaces; Love Coffee

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. I had an amazing coffee tour experience, got to check off […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 31: Touring Pompei and Up The Hills

Another great day here in Naples. Well, most of it was in Pompei. Took a tour with Raffaele from Naples […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 30: Everything Is Hard Today in Naples

Great day again today as I was back to walking a whole heck of a lot. I saw museums and […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 29: Twist! I’m Not Coming Home, I’m In Naples

… Or at least it was a big twist back when I first posted the video on Facebook. Most regular […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 28: Tour My Airbnb in Palermo

What do you need in an Airbnb when you’re working remotely? Let’s find out! Today’s video includes a tour of […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 27: My New love – Arancia Rossa

Let’s talk about the citrus over in Sicily. It’s amazing. I legitimately addicted to the Arancia Rossa (red orange) juice. […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 26: Touring the Quattro Canti

Today was a big work day, so not much time for pictures. But, I did manage to get to another […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 25: More Scary Stairs Cattedrale di Palermo

Well, today was the day! I finally made it inside the Cattedrale di Palermo. It was amazingly fun. So much […]

Remote Work In Italy, Day 24: I Made Fresh Sicilian Clams (Vongole)

Today I headed back to the market for supplies. I had cleared the fridge out because I’d be away for […]

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