Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

How To Ride The Vaporetto / Water Bus – in Venice – Remote Work In Italy, Day 86

by Preston
April 9, 2022

Let’s learn about Vaporettos! And wind. And how going up a bell tower when there’s a lot of wind it gets super, super cold. Skip to 4:50 to go straight to the water bus info. Stick around for some cool footage of the storm. Also, I think the plural form of Vaporetto is supposed to be Vaporetti, but I’m not sure.

Seriously though, while it got ridiculously windy and really rainy in the late afternoon (kind of scary, to be honest), it was all worth it to wander around on the water buses on what was before then, a pretty nice day out. It’s so nice to be out on the water.

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