Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Wandering Around the Venice’s Jewish Quarter – Remote Work In Italy, Day 87

Jewish ceremonial objects, Venice, Italy

I learned that the words synagogue and scuola (school) are interchangeable to the community - you learn and you pray. And also that it's not allowed to have less than 10 people to pray. This is because it's a community activity. You don't pray for yourself.

by Preston
April 10, 2022

I had to stay close to home today, and as promised, I kept my plans to a minimum. What that turned into was a day wandering around, seeing where the alleys and canals took me. I took a tour in the Jewish Ghetto and then shopped for trinkets between meals of fried seafood. Never would have guessed that was a real sentence I’d be typing some day, but that’s just what happens here. Also gelato. Happy Palm Sunday, everyone!

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