Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Venice’s Red Lights and Ponte de le Tette (it means what you think) – Remote Work In Italy, Day 88

by Preston
April 11, 2022

Don’t worry, the video is very PG. Maybe PG-13 because of so many jokes that would have made my Opa laugh filling tonight’s video. Turns out I took the video somewhere I thought was out of the way, but was instead a very popular spot. I had to make so many edits from all the distractions and interruptions. Don’t think I don’t know why so many people kept coming by to see what I was up to. I am in Venice’s Red Light District after all. ๐Ÿ™‚ I kid of course. It’s a fancy posh neighbourhood, and has been for a while now.

Anyway, today was mostly shopping. And not all for myself! But also reflection on what living in Italy for 3 months has taught me, and possibly changed me for the better.

Also, cats still like me, and still don’t know how to show it.

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