Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Visiting Murano, So Much Glass and the Vaporettos – Remote Work In Italy, Day 80

by Preston
April 3, 2022

Short video today because I’m subjecting you instead to 500 photos (see below). Today I learned how to use the vaporettos – or water buses. Still seems a bit daunting to figure out, but I managed to get to Murano and back, even taking the long way back for a bit of a sunset cruise, which was nice.

Murano is a very pretty place with all kinds of cool buildings and so, so many places to buy fun things made of glass. I didn’t take the factory tours though, instead choosing to walk around the island. My feet were sore by the time I got home, so I treated myself to a nice meal and a grown up drink. Then a big green cookie like a five year old would order.

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