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Italy Homecoming – Remote Work In Italy, Day 90

by Preston
April 13, 2022

Wait until the end for my reunion with my cute old dog, Nancy. Also, do you know what an aborted landing is called? I do now.

It was a long day, to say the least. But that’s the way it goes though, isn’t it? On the way there, you’re always excited and any issues just kind of go away. On my flight to Italy, I wound up missing my connecting flight because the layover in Paris forced us all to go through this super long line in security. It was a big pain at the time, but I honestly had forgotten about it until getting things together for this post, because I put it all past me to enjoy the start of my trip.

On the way back though? There’s less to be excited about. You’re tired; you just want to go home; you don’t want to deal with all this stuff, and you don’t have that good stuff ahead of you to help you get past it. Waking up at 4AM was tough because I am definitely not a morning person. The water bus ride was fun though. So cool! I had some weird airline stuff go on when I tried to check in, and of course the flight too way too long to get in the air, and more stuff on the layover. The weirdest thing? As soon as we were about to touch down at the Toronto Airport, at the last possible second, the plane aborted the landing. Check out the video. It’s very freaky. Pilots call this a “go-around”. Yeah, a nicer term for scary-holy-crap-why-did-that-just-happen?

The worst part was that this little stunt added another hour to the flight. Boy, was I not prepared for that. Really not in the mood after that long flight. And then there was some weirdness at the airport trying to find the bus home, which itself wasn’t super speedy. I got home at 9:30PM, Toronto time. That works out to be a day that started at 4AM and ended at 3:30AM. I was tired.

But you know what? Once I saw Nancy I completely forgot all that stuff. I was home. All is forgiven and forgotten. But that’s the way it goes though, isn’t it.

Now of course, that doesn’t mean Nancy has forgiven me for leaving her alone for three months.

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