Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Remote Work In Italy, Day 33: Pizza and Galleria Umberto I In Naples

by Preston
February 15, 2022

My last day in Napes was great. I took a pizza class, right where it all started. Boy was that fun, and delicious! I couldn’t take pictures because my hands were full of dough most of the time, but our instructor is going to send some soon. I’ll share those when I get them. (Side note: I had pizza 3 times today.)

This place is great, but everything is steep. The place was built right on the side of a great big hill and all the streets go up. Even when they go down, they seem to go up. Or rather, you know it’s great to start walking down hill, but it only means you’re going to have to come back up. 🙂 Off to new adventures tomorrow!

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