Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Remote Work In Italy, Day 35: Special Guest

Amber stands in front of the Porcellino in Florence, Italy

Surprise! My sister, Amber, has been watching my videos all month and decided she had to come to Italy too! First thing we had to do was rub the Porcellino's snout for good luck and safe travels back to Florence for her too.

by Preston
February 17, 2022

Today was day 2 in Florence, but day one for my surprise guest – my sister Amber. She got thinking she could come to Italy too, and after a whirlwind of last minute planning, she’s in Florence demanding I find her some of that great pizza. Nicest thing though, during her layover in Amsterdam, she picked me up my favourite baked good. Who would have thought I’d be eating some genuine Dutch treats while working remotely in Italy? Not sure I would have guessed that.

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