Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Remote Work In Italy, Day 51: The Story of Stealing Michelangelo

by Preston
February 6, 2022

Today was a rest day, whether I liked it or not. I did try to get out on another climbing adventure, but the universe decided to make the busses stop running – or at least the tickets from being sold. So I rested, and ate, and patched up my blisters and only after that did I do a bit of walking. Great day. Tonight’s video is one of my favourite stories, about Michelangelo’s last trip, on the day after his 547th birthday. Sorry I didn’t celebrate at the time, but I was busy getting blisters in Bologna. Side note: It was also my 100th day streak learning on Duolingo. You’d think I’d be able to put together a sentence here or there by now, but what can you do?

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