Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

To anyone who needs to hear this right now

sitting dog looks away from a plate of avocados

by Preston
April 2, 2020

To anyone who needs to hear this right now: I like your posts. I really do.

I like your breakfasts and lunches no matter how much avocado you’ve got in them. I like your selfies, no matter how the light worked, with or without your duck faces. I like your memes and your jokes and your cats and your recipes and your dogs – especially your dogs – and anything else positive your throwing out there. Keep at it! We all need the content through all this. Especially the dogs. And if on the off chance I don’t completely like it, I’m not going to throw any negativity out there. I’ll just keep scrolling, but I’m sure someone else is liking it. Unless it’s dogs. I’ll never scroll past the dogs.

Note: There was no way Nancy was going to eat these avocados, but I was real careful to make sure she didn’t. 

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