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Let’s take a look at what you’ll need for your trip. Below you’ll find a list of things to aquire through begging, borrowing, stealing, or failing that, renting. No matter where you are going, there’s bound to be an outfitter close by, or at least on the way there. Most will rent you just about anything on a per day basis. If you find yourself missing a lot of gear, consider renting an all inclusive package. Most outfitters offer some kind of package that consists of everything you’ll need for your trip for a daily charge. Some even pack it up and deliver it for you.

As for choosing which gear you’ll want to bring, this is going to be a personal decision. There are going to be things that aren’t necessary that you’ll find – personally – that you just can’t do without. Remember though, that each item that is brought with you is at the cost of space and weight. If you’ve never gone portaging before, I’d recommend making sure you’re not travelling too far, and erring on the side of bringing too much. When you get back you’ll find out quickly enough which items were worth bringing, and which clearly were not.

These are the things you absolutely need:

These are the things that you really should bring:

These things will make your life a lot easier:

These things should stay at home:

    • last year was my first 3 day portage near Smoothwater Lake and it was quite the experience to say the least. My pack was around 50lbs and felt it was too heavy so I have been reorganizing my pack and hope to achieve a weight between 35lbs – 40lbs for a 3 day trip 🙂

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