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Calling All Outdoor Writers

by Preston
April 24, 2012

I had this idea that keeps running through my head. What if a bunch of outdoor writers/bloggers got together, went on a trip, and each wrote about the experience in their own way. It would be a neat experience to see how different people viewed the same trip, and a great chance to exchange some knowledge and see different styles of tripping.

My initial thought would be for the group to all travel together but doing so in their own way, using and packing their own preferred gear. What would be very cool is when we make camp to have some round-table discussions on different topics, perhaps take some videos of it. Once we get back, we’d exchange whatever photos/videos we have then each write up the trip in our own styles.

At this point I have no solid plans made, not even as to where we go, or even when we can do it. Ideally I’d prefer it be a canoe camping trip, but I’m open to other camping options. I think part of this experience will be in the planning – choosing where and when to go, and how we all get there.

If you’re interested, please let me know. All I ask is that you have an active blog or regularly publish articles somewhere, and are willing to travel to (and go camping in) Ontario for this trip. My original intent was to get Outdoor/Camping/Canoeing bloggers for this trip, but at this point I’d be open to other perspectives as well (though if the possible participants list gets too large, we may be forced to exclude the Celebrity Fashion boggers, sorry).

On the fence? I present to you my closing argument: You get to go camping with this pretty lady:

You can contact me at info@portageur.ca.

  • I’m getting some good responses from people who want to come along. I’m looking forward it!

    @Laurie/@Bruce – I’ll be sending off an email in a few days to start the planning.

    @David – That’s too bad. I was really hoping to get some kayakers on board (not sure whether I do yet). I’m thinking the broader the perspective, the more valuable this experience will be. If we do it again next year I’ll keep you in mind.

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