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Nancy Calendar for 2014

by Preston
October 20, 2013


Last year I created a calendar using pictures of Nancy, to hand out to a few friends and family. They all loved it, which I kind of expected. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Nancy calendar? But what was very unexpected was after showing a picture of it online, I got a whole lot of messages and emails asking if they too could get one. Unfortunately, I hadn’t really thought about that in time, so it was a little too late to offer for 2013.

But for this coming year, I’ve made one available for anyone who wants one! I received the first one earlier last week and it looks pretty awesome. I took 12 of my favourite Nancy photos during our adventures, and I still marvel at how great a model she is. This calendar will help keep you connected to wilderness tripping all year round. Plus, I’ve included a little biographical blurb for each month, telling a mini version of Nancy’s story. In fact, included in all the standard holidays, Nancy’s birthday is also listed. (Did I mention I’m working on a book about Nancy’s life story? If all goes well, look for it later in 2014.)

So have a look at a preview below (there’s a full-screen button for best results) , and if you’re interested a click on the preview will send you where you can buy yourself a copy. *Note: All proceeds will go to keeping Nancy portaging next year. So if you’re on the fence about purchasing one, think about how happy you’ll be making the best canoe dog in the world.



A couple of other notes about the calendar:

  • The calendar specs: 11″ x 8.5″, coil binding , white interior paper (100# weight) , full-colour interior ink.
  • I tried to keep the price as low as I could, and going through Lulu was my best option (they can ship it to you much cheaper than I can). I’ll look into bulk discounts next year, depending on how well these ones sell. 
  • There was some requests asking for an “autographed” copy, but I don’t think I can do it this year (for the above reason). If things go well, I’ll look into that for next year.
  • If calendars aren’t your thing, I’ll be having Portageur.ca decals and t-shirts (in black and pink) up for sale later in the month. This is can be a great, fashionable way to keep Nancy on the trails.
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