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Portageur’s New Ride Contest

assorted prizes including tshirt, coffee grinder and french press

by Preston
May 19, 2012

I bought a new canoe, and to help you celebrate with me, I’ve decided to run a little contest. I’m excited, so I figured the best way to get people excited for me is to bribe them with some free stuff.

A few posts ago, I wrote that I had worked with the Swift Canoe and Kayak guys to help me learn a bit more about their canoes, but more importantly, to help me choose a new canoe. Just like most people, I can’t go around buying canoes all the time, so I really had to make my choice count. After agonizing about what model to get, with what features – not to even mention the painfully difficult choice of colour(s) – I’ve finally made my decision. I’m a pretty happy Portageur, let me tell you. (Also happy: the people around me who no longer have to constantly hear about my “agonizing choice”.)

So to help me celebrate, to have a little fun, and keep me preoccupied while I wait for my canoe to be built, I’ll set up a little contest. All you have to do is guess the model, material and colour(s) I’ve chosen.

The Prize:

These are a few of my favourite things

The prize is a package I put together the same way I like to buy gifts: Based on a common interest. People who know me know that I like good coffee at the campfire, not to mention stuff with the Portageur logo, and so the winner will receive one of the following:

  • Portageur hat – the very same style as worn by Portageur himself (I know!)
  • Portageur t-shirt – choice of sizes large or extra-large
  • Portageur decal – a high demand item you can stick on your favourite gear or vehicle
  • GSI Personal Java Press – to make a good cup of coffee without taking up too much space or weight (review)
  • GSI Javagrind – for the true camp coffee connoisseur, coffee tastes best when freshly ground (review)

How to Enter

I like to keep things simple, so I’ll just ask that you send an email to contest@portageur.ca and guess the model, the colour(s) and material I decided on.

For reference, you can check out the options at the Swift Canoe and Kayak website.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll post some of the guesses on Twitter and Facebook (in fact, there may be some hints there). Depending on how well you guys guess, I may offer up some other hints to make things easier, but to get the guessing started, the first 3 people who guess correctly I’ll send a Portageur t-shirt. The draw will take place on Monday, June 18th, so I’ll accept guesses up to midnight June 17th. Hopefully, if I’ve picked up my canoe before then I won’t go blabbing, but I can’t guarantee that – I am pretty excited.

Great for making good coffee on solo trips, or I guess just making your friends jealous. (“Dance, monkey, and perhaps I’ll brew you a cup as well.”)

The Fine1 Print

  • The winner will be chosen from a random draw of all correctest2 guesses, based on how many elements [model, colour(s), material] are correctly guessed.
  • Enter as often as you like, but only one guess per day.
  • I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid only people living in Canada are eligible to win3. It’s a shipping cost thing.
  • Also not eligible are close friends or family of Portageur or Swift Canoe and Kayaks4.
  • Entering this contest will make you feel good and more good looking5.
  • All email addresses sent to contest@portageur.ca will only be used to notify the winner6.
Good luck, and happy guessing!


  1. Note that the use of “fine” in this case means “small” and not “okay”, “fancy” or “sexy” print. I’m just alluding to the practice of having details in smaller print, thereby making this contest seem on the level of those run by big companies – kind of like using terms like “thereby”.
  2. “Correctness” is totally a real word.
  3. I know, it sucks that you read this far down and aren’t eligible. Sorry. Perhaps for the next contest I’ll be richer and more famous and can ship around the world. So if you want to participate in the future contests, tell your friends about portageur.ca.
  4. I’m not really sure how to say this in legalese, but basically if you can look it up or I’ve talked to you about my canoe, it wouldn’t be fair to the others – Fiona!.
  5. This might not be entirely true. It seemed like all the fine print was negative, so I threw in something positive. I can’t guarantee that you’ll feel good entering the contest, but you’re already attractive.
  6. I was going to make a joke about selling them to the highest bidder or soliciting dates, but it’s been my experience that if there’s two things you don’t joke about on the internet it’s stalking and spam.
Key to a good cup of coffee is freshly ground beans


  • I am not eligible to win as I am in the states but you should have purchased a Mattawa, carbon fusion with champagne geol coat on the bottom (which makes the canoe two tone – black and champagne).

  • Best fine print EVER!!! *giggle* Really digging your contest – the only thing missing (besides my entry) is a Badger Paddle Sock! Guess we better get you some Badger swag for future contests. And Mike and I will be sharing this great contest with everyone we know – even if we have to badger them! Also, are you sure I can’t enter? Even if I don’t look while I type my entry?!! *wink wink* * nudge nudge* You wouldn’t even have to give ME any hints!!! *teeheehee*

  • I’m not eligible to win either, although I live a couple hours from parts of Canada, so picking up a prize would not be a problem! I love my Swift Adirondack 12LT kayak! Have fun with the contest!

  • Hey Preston
    You need to post a reminder about this contest…..I can’t believe that nobody wants to guess….I think that the Long Weekend got in the way and everyone has forgotten

  • […] suppose I should stop teasing everyone about my new canoe and get on with the big reveal. The Portageur’s New Ride contest has been a blast, with the winner contacted yesterday. So with no more excuses and out of funny […]

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