Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Outdoor Show

Pictures from Outdoor Adventure Show 2020

Pictures from the weekend at the Outdoor Adventure Show – Toronto. As always, the show offers me a great opportunity to […]

Canoecopia 2013 – Day 2

I woke up on Saturday morning – Day 2 of Canoecopia – to an emergency. Okay, not so much an […]

Canoecopia 2013 – Day 1

I just got back from Canoecopia¬†2013 and, typically, I turned a simple (road) trip into an adventure. (It’s what I […]

Canoecopia 2012 – Day 3

The day before, I had made it through most of the exhibitor area at Canoecopia, and for the final day […]

Canoecopia 2012 – Day 2

Day 1 of Canoecopia was a blast, and a great introduction to what it would be like the rest of […]

Canoecopia 2012 – Day 1

I woke up this morning at 3:00 am. Normally this would have been a cruel thing to do to myself, […]

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