Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head

Paddling Offseason

How My New Canoe Came to Be

Warning: I’m going to sound like I’m overly-gushing about Swift Canoe & Kayak, to the point where you might think […]

My New Favourite Person

  One of the best parts of doing what I do is the great people I meet. Sometimes it’s a […]

Family Day 2012

Another great Frozen Offseason activity is getting out there and have some fun with your family. What better day than […]

Mo Paddling 2011

Contrary to this absolutely gorgeous November day, the frozen offseason is coming. In fact it’s already here for some of […]

Paddle Making with Bruce Smith

Once again, with the paddling season nearing it’s completion, it’s time to talk about how us paddlers and campers can […]

Tom Thomson Documentary

With the lakes about to freeze, once again there comes a time when us paddlers need to find ourselves something […]

The Frozen Offseason

  With November coming up in a few days, it’s probably safe to say the portaging season is pretty much […]

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