Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head


Pink Portage in Hamilton

I recently met a fantastic young man who is on a unique and arduous journey across Ontario to help raise […]

Why I Bought a Canoe

The guesses are rolling in the Portageur’s New Ride contest. What’s amazing is how different they’ve all been. While none […]

GSI Outdoors Java Press

Do you know why everyone loves going on portaging trips with me? The exotic locations? Good looks? Charming personality? Funny […]

JavaGrind by GSI Outdoors

I’ve been using the JavaGrind coffee grinder for quite a few years now, and I have to tell you, if […]

Riding the Parkbus

Last Traveled July 2012 Trip Summary: Last year I got the chance to use a great new service that allows […]

Kevin Callan’s Wilderness Quest

Does Wilderness still exist? Kevin Callan wants to find out for his new DVD Wilderness Quest – and of course […]

What Happens To Butane Canisters

A few days ago, I got into some conversations about those butane canisters for camp stoves, and wrote a post […]

5 Reasons Not To Use Butane Canisters

I really don’t like sounding like a grumpy old man, but every now and then a subject comes up where […]

The Attack

Don’t let the stone face expression fool you. If you look closely enough, you can see the fear, however slight, […]

Mo Paddling 2011

Contrary to this absolutely gorgeous November day, the frozen offseason is coming. In fact it’s already here for some of […]

The Frozen Offseason

  With November coming up in a few days, it’s probably safe to say the portaging season is pretty much […]

North Tea To Manitou

The Plan “I want to go on a portage trip.”  Kristen has this very matter-of-factly way of stating what she […]

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