Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head


Barber of Seville – 28 Days in Seville – Day 28

I got a little creative on my last day here, with some fun cutting off my beard. (Don’t worry, it’ll […]

Day Trip To Cordoba – 28 Days in Seville – Day 27

Today I took a trip out to Cordoba by train. It was about a 45 minute ride east. Boy was […]

Look Up There! – 28 Days in Seville – Day 26

What has impressed me the most about visiting Seville and towns like it is the architecture and beauty of many […]

War and Tapas – 28 Days in Seville – Day 25

Today I challenged myself to find a tapas bar off the beaten path and actually go inside. It really worked […]

Fine Arts of Seville – 28 Days in Seville – Day 24

Spent the morning at the fine arts museum. What a beautiful, moving experience, not to mention a bargain! In fact, […]

Old Walls New Cities – 28 Days in Seville – Day 23

Today I visited the Archivo de Indias and found the old city walls, then topped it off by climbing a […]

Travel Money Tips – 28 Days in Seville – Day 22

Since I couldn’t get out too much today, and the churches I visited didn’t allow photos, I thought I’d have […]

One Man Tapas Crawl – 28 Days in Seville – Day 21

Food is a big part of culture, and I’ve been trying to immerse myself into the Spanish culture as much […]

Day Trip To Cadiz – 28 Days in Seville – Day 20

Today I took a once in a lifetime trip down to the bottom of Spain to the historic city of […]

Starting to Feel at Home – 28 Days in Seville – Day 19

Let’s walk around Seville and check out some of the neighbourhood shops. Things are different here than back home. The […]

Markets and Drones – 28 Days in Seville – Day 18

I can make a mean sandwich. Give me 18 days and I’ll perfect it. Jamon, baguettes and some great olive […]

Outside The Old City – 28 Days in Seville – Day 17

I decided to get out of the old city and check out the modern part of Seville. I also decided […]

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