Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head


Visiting Murano, So Much Glass and the Vaporettos – Remote Work In Italy, Day 80

Short video today because I’m subjecting you instead to 500 photos (see below). Today I learned how to use the […]

Visiting Trieste, Italy – Remote Work In Italy, Day 79

Nothing beats getting a tour of a city from someone who lives in and loves their city. Today Barbara took […]

Venice’s Traghettos, Banksys and Spiral Staircases – Remote Work In Italy, Day 78

It rained again today, but that wasn’t a big deal because I was working most of the day anyway. Might […]

Night Photography Tutorial & The Correr Museum, Venice – Remote Work In Italy, Day 77

Today it was raining most of the day, so I headed to the Correr Museum to view some cool maps, […]

Palaces, Prisons and Bridges of Sighs – Visiting The Doge’s Palace – Remote Work In Italy, Day 76

I had a great time in the Doge’s palace, but the most interesting was finding out I could cross the […]

Visiting St Mark’s Campanile and the Stolen Saints of Venice – Remote Work In Italy, Day 75

So I was all psyched to climb a bunch of stairs today, but then found out the San Marco Tower […]

How to Visit Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Story of Its Stolen Horses – Remote Work In Italy, Day 74

Visited Basilica di San Marco today. What a beautiful place, but what makes it even cooler is getting to walk […]

Climbing the Torre dell’Orologio and the Colours of Venice – Remote Work In Italy, Day 73

I chat about the unique colours of buildings in Venice. Every city tends to favour a certain colour set. Highlight […]

The Beauty and Romance of Verona, and Side Trips on Italian Trains – Remote Work In Italy, Day 72

I had an absolute wonderful day, taking a quick train ride from Venice over to Verona – Yeah, that one […]

I’m More Productive Working Remotely and It’s Not Just Me Saying It – Remote Work In Italy, Day 71

Another long work day, but I got a lot done so I don’t have to work on the weekend. It […]

Night View of the Ponte dell’Accademia – Remote Work In Italy, Day 70

It can’t possibly work out every day. My gondola trip didn’t happen, and I had to get a bit more […]

Is The Food In Italy Making Me Feel So Much Better? – Remote Work In Italy, Day 69

Today was pretty uneventful – except that I’m still in freakin’ Venice. Not sure I can really call that “uneventful”. […]

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