Wandering Around Out There With A Canoe On My Head


History Tour – 28 Days in Seville – Day 12

Do you ever take walking tours? I just love history. And I love stories. And with as many textbooks you […]

28 Days In Seville – Day 9 – Tapas Tour

I took a tapas tour today, mainly because I wanted to find a way for an introvert to go into […]

28 Days In Seville – Day 8 – A Day In The (Remote) Life

Hanging out in the Plaza De Espana, answering some questions I’ve been asked: How do I stay in Europe so […]

Riding the Parkbus

Last Traveled July 2012 Trip Summary: Last year I got the chance to use a great new service that allows […]

North Tea To Manitou

The Plan “I want to go on a portage trip.”  Kristen has this very matter-of-factly way of stating what she […]

The Pig – Killarney’s Most Infamous Portage

How often in your life do you get to cross a notoriously difficult portage while having a great conversation about […]

The Golden Staircase

*During lower water conditions, the second 320m portage will have to be used. It Goes Up I was half way […]

Carmichael’s Rock Overnight

Facebook Photos The Plan As most of the regular readers know, I recently traveled to the west side of Killarney […]

Killarney East Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. When my friends […]

Murray Grace Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan Eager to visit the beautiful west side of Killarney, and after doing research on the Group […]

Rock Galeairy Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan   Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. My father retired from the Hamilton Police force, […]

Rain McCraney Loop

Facebook Photos The Plan Taking beginners into the wilderness has its own set of challenges. Do they know what they’re […]

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